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H&M 41: NSFW - Cards Against Humanity Strikes Again with Data.

H&M 40: Benjamin Franklin "Invented" Strategic Planning and Self-Help. Let His Model Guide Your Process.

H&M 39: Rice University Aces Crisis Management: What Companies Can Learn.

H&M 38: How Corporate Foundations Enhance Their Dual Agenda.

H&M 37: Human Resources Benefits from Strategic Civic Engagement.

Hartz & Minds Special Edition: Bain & Co Report - Achieving Breakthrough Results in Sustainability.

H&M 36: Use Marketing Communications to Leverage Social Responsibility Investment.

H&M 35: Family Philanthropy for a Happier Life.

H&M 34: A Brief History of Corporate Social Responsibility.

H&M 33: Cultivating Organizational Culture - Proactively.

H&M 32: Creative Tactics for Internal CSR Communications.

H&M 31: Giving While Living - Even without Brewster's (or Buffett's) Millions.

CHLLC 15-Year Impact & Appreciation Report (October, 2015).

Hartz & Minds Special Edition: Boston Globe Insight on Corporate Volunteers.

H&M 30: Garbology - Why Businesses MUST Innovate to Reduce Waste.

H&M 29: Silicon Valley Community Foundation's CSR Predictions for 2015.

H&M 28: US Companies Donated $17 billion in 2013 - SO WHAT?

H&M 27: T-Shirt Philanthropy.

H&M 26: 6 Elements of a High-Value Volunteer Program.

Hartz & Minds 25th Silver Anniversary Edition: CSR Career Paths.

H&M 24: The Mystery of the Millennials.

H&M 23: Fast Food - A Community-Based Business Under Siege.

H&M 22: Richard Branson on Sports and Business.

H&M 21: Choosing an Excellent CSR Consultant.

H&M 20: Servant Leadership.

H&M 19: Business-to-Business (B2B) CSR.

H&M 18: 7 Deadly Sins of CSR.

H&M 17: National Philanthropy Day.

H&M 16: Philanthropy for Business Leaders and their Families.

Hartz & Minds Special News Edition: Ignore CSR at Your Own Peril.

H&M 15: Continuing Education.

H&M 14: Grantee Bill of Rights.

H&M 13: Donor Bill of Rights.

H&M 12: The Best Kept Secret in Atlanta...Maybe the World.

H&M 11: Sports Sponsorships versus Community Partnerships.

H&M 10: The Simplicity of International Engagement.

H&M 9: The Impact of Evangelism and Experience.

Hartz & Minds Special Edition: Corporate Hartz Brochure.

H&M 8: Business Response to Global Social and Economic Trends.

H&M 7: Community Reinvestment Act strategy is more important than ever.

H&M 6: Investing for Impact with insight from three subject-matter experts.

H&M 5: How Executives Consider and Activate their own Service Leadership.

Hartz & Minds Special WSJ Edition: The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility.

H&M 4: Volunteering. Learn how to think about your personal passions and professional goals.

H&M 3: Derive immediate value from a Corporate Social Responsibility Audit.

H&M 2: Diversity. Culture change may be challenging, but it is critical to move an organization forward.

H&M 1: Corporate Hartz's premiere e-newsletter introducing the power of Social Responsibility.